Customization of embedded image and video systems

Mindvision has many years of experience in image and video development, and can provide users with a complete set of hardware customization services for embedded image and video systems, including the following aspects:

1. Customization of embedded processing systems on X86 platforms such as Intel Atom

2. Customization of embedded processing systems for ARM platforms such as Hisense, Quanzhi, Freescale, Ruixin Micro, Samsung, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia, etc

3. Image acquisition, JPG, BMP photography, H264/H265 video compression and storage

4. Supports simultaneous operation of multiple cameras with one main control, synchronous photography or recording

5. Support various image sensors, global shutter photography, thermal infrared imaging, near-infrared, ultraviolet imaging, and other special application integration

6. Storage method based on USB drive, TF card, or SATA hard drive

7. Audio acquisition, 4G, WIFI, GPS, HDMI, keyboard and mouse control, and other additional functions

8. Transmission interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB2.0, USB3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, MIPI, etc

For more functions, please contact our professional staff.

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