Deep Learning (AI) Camera Customization

As a professional camera hardware manufacturer, Mindvision can customize camera hardware with deep learning capabilities for various industries, and provide a complete secondary development package to facilitate the development and deployment of AI algorithms on customized products, helping users seize the market in the shortest possible time.

Choosing us has the following advantages

Supports multiple frameworks

1. Familiar with the hardware architecture of numerous AI chips, with a wide range of customer choices. Customized platforms can support multiple frameworks Tensorflow/caffe/caffe2/MXnet/add_ Paddle et al

2. With years of experience in industrial camera development and rich market experience, product stability is guaranteed

3. Various CMOS or CCD devices can be selected for development, ranging from 300000 to 100 million pixels

4. Various interfaces such as USB2.0, USB3.0, Gige, and 10GigE can be selected as transmission ports, and can also be customized as smart cameras on ARM or X86 platforms

5. Support customization of more complex solutions such as single or multiple items

6. Other functions such as 5GWIFI, 4G communication, UV, thermal infrared, special temperature requirements, etc. can also be customized and developed

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