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1)Majors in electronics, communication, automation, computer, and other related fields are welcome for outstanding university graduates;

2)Proficient in C/C++language, strong coding and debugging skills, proficient in Visual Studio

3)Familiar with software engineering concepts, possessing certain abilities in unit testing and system testing;

4)Proficient in strong self-learning ability and independent problem-solving ability, good at teamwork and communication;

5)Experience in network development and driver driven development is preferred;

6)Experience in image processing development is preferred;

7)Possess basic English reading and writing skills.

Job responsibilities:

1、Provide solutions;

2、Provide pre-sales and after-sales technical support for products;

3、Assist the sales department in completing product marketing work.

4、Responsible for providing technical support for system user maintenance and troubleshooting on-site;

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Company Advantages

Highly open and integrated development platform, flexible partnership mechanism;

High salaries that exceed industry standards;

A harmonious, integrated, positive, and happy work atmosphere;

Various forms of reward mechanisms.

Conduct vocational retraining for outstanding employees every year to enhance their quality;

Salary and benefits

Five insurances and one fund, supplementary medical insurance, and additional high-value commercial insurance;

Paid leave;

Provide accommodation and three meals;

Working overseas for the first time for 11 months and taking 45 days off; My second overseas work lasted for 9 months and I took 35 days off;

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