Electronic Manufacturing-Reader Identification DPM Code

With the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises are constantly improving production technology and processes, while also striving to improve management level and refinement. Barcode, as an advanced and mature automatic recognition technology, has been widely used in the tracking and management of production plans, raw materials, finished products, processing processes, and product quality in manufacturing enterprises. Especially for consumer electronic products, consumers' demand for product quality is increasing day by day, leading to higher requirements for product quality traceability in the electronic manufacturing industry.

Identify LCD screen glass code

In the specific code reading process, the LCD screen is moved to the bottom of the code reader through a mobile platform or manually placed below the code reader. The limit cylinder is used to roughly position and the servo motor is used to move the code reader, controlling it to move directly above the QR code; Debug the code reader to display clear images, and after successful manual code reading, configure the parameters for communication with the PLC; The PLC triggers the reader to take photos, and after the reader decodes, the content of the Data Matrix code or NG information is transmitted to the PLC.

National high-tech enterprise

DPM (Direct Part Mark): It is a special identification production technology, rather than a barcode standard, commonly referred to as "Direct Part Mark". This technology can directly label the surface of components without the need for identification carriers such as paper or labels. With the majority of QR codes, DataMatrix QR codes have become the most commonly used barcode type for DPM codes.

One drag four high speed alignment laminating machine

The one to four high-speed alignment and lamination machine is an integrated alignment and lamination system. One industrial computer can simultaneously connect four cameras, and the images of the four cameras are collected at high speed for data analysis and image processing for alignment and lamination.

Smart transportation

With the popularization of the concept of three-dimensional transportation, the railway system is becoming increasingly important in urban transportation and will inevitably become an important link in the future transportation field. A fully digital video monitoring system developed to address safety issues within intercity/urban trains. The system adopts a fully digital and LAN structure, which is very suitable for intercity/urban rail trains with relatively independent monitoring, limited installation equipment space, and adjustable number of carriages according to actual needs.


Real time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, consisting of a fluorescence quantitative system and a CCD system, monitors the fluorescence of the cycling process through real-time monitoring by CCD. Computers connected to real-time devices collect fluorescence data. The data is displayed in the form of charts through the development of real-time analysis software. The raw data is plotted as a graph of fluorescence intensity relative to the number of cycles. After collecting the raw data, analysis can begin. Real time device software can normalize the collected data to compensate for differences in background fluorescence. After normalization, the threshold level can be set to analyze fluorescence data.

Infrared imaging

EL testing of solar modules and cells. Used to detect various production defects such as hidden cracks, chipping, black chips, and solder joints in battery cells.

Measurement positioning

Mindvision has multiple high-definition CCD and CMOS cameras for use in alignment systems. CCD cameras have 300000, 1.3 million, 2 million, 5 million, 8 million, and 29 million pixels. CMOS cameras have 300000, 1.3 million, 2 million, 3 million, 5 million, 10 million, 12 million, 16 million, and 20 million pixels. All cameras support Halcon and Labview development, and Ethernet cameras support Cognex's VisionPro

Express logistics

With excellent stability, Mindvision industrial cameras are widely used in the express scanning industry, paired with high-definition lenses, to achieve stable barcode and QR code recognition.

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Smart transportation
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